What You Need to Know Before Getting an Implant

How is the treatment process in dental implants?

Since local anesthesia is applied during this operation, you do not feel pain. After the implant is placed, it is expected between 2-4 months for the titanium structure to integrate with the bone. If the jawbone has been intervened, this period may increase to 6 months.

Are dental implants long lasting?

A successful implant that is attached to the bone in a healthy way can be used for many years just like natural teeth. The life of the implant is directly proportional to cleaning and maintenance.

How should dental implant care be done?

For dental implant care, it is recommended to use dental floss, an interface brush, and a mouthwash. Cleaning between the dental floss and the interface brushes and the coatings will seriously prevent the formation of bacteria. Regular dental check-ups every 6 months after the implant application gains even more importance. If there is a problem with the implant or prosthesis during these controls, it may be possible to correct the situation by detecting it in the early period.

Who cannot be implanted with dental implants?

It is undesirable for individuals who have an important uncontrolled systemic disease, who have received radiotherapy or chemotherapy in the near future. However, if the disease is under control, the implant can be applied to anyone. If sufficient bone cannot be detected in the examination, implants can be placed after creating a bone infrastructure with additional procedures.

How important is the Implant Brand?

One of the most important criteria affecting the success of dental implant applications is the brand of the implant applied. Today, there are hundreds of brands of implants applied in the world, and there are serious quality differences between these brands. For this reason, before deciding on implant tooth application, which brand of implant will be applied, it should be discussed in advance. This information should be kept with the certificate to be obtained after the implant application. This information will be needed to prepare and apply the veneer when your implant needs to be re-coated years later.

Implant Prices

The use of different surgical techniques during implant tooth application, such as open/closed sinus surgery, affects whether the cost is high or low. Additional materials to be used are bone powder, graft, etc. Such variables also affect the operation price.